Multiple Male Orgasm

When it comes to pleasing their partner, men leave nothing to chance. They do exercises to enlarge their penis and have a measure of control over their ejaculation.

Some men go a step further and practice the art of dry and multiple orgasms. Yes, this is true. You can have more than one orgasm in a single sex session and contrary to what you think, achieving Multiple Male Orgasm is not some kind of magic or tantra where you have to chant mystical words. It just requires practice that will help you build your muscles by doing some special penis exercises.

But before we get into these exercises and steps of Multiple Male Orgasm, you must know some commonly used abbreviations and other PE Terms.

Abbreviations And PE Terms

  • PE – Penis Enlargement
  • PC Muscles – Pubococcygeus Muscles
  • DO – Dry Orgasm
  • MMO – Multiple Male Orgasms
  • PONR – Point Of No Return
  • Kegels – Exercise for men to strengthen their PC Muscles. Contract the PC Muscles as you would when stopping the flow of urination and then release it.
  • Edging – Practicing masturbation and stopping just as you are about to reach PONR and try to control orgasm.

How To Achieve Multiple Male Orgasm?

Like DO, MMO also requires you to practice kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen your PC muscles, thereby giving you more control over your ejaculation. Given below are the steps that you must follow to achieve MMO.

  1. Practice Kegel Exercises. They are the best exercises to strengthen your PC Muscles. By practicing Kegels, you can control ejaculation.

    Practice ejaculation control while simultaneously strengthening your PC muscles.Increase or decrease the contractions as often as you need to control the orgasm.

  2. While you are practicing kegels, you can practice edging as well. This will help you to learn about your body’s PONR. This will also help you to know how your body responds when you cross PONR.

    Include reverse kegels as a part of your workout to avoid over training of PC Muscles.

  3. With practice you will be able to use your PC muscles to control ejaculation when you reach orgasm. Initially, you may ejaculate partially but with time, this will be rectified. Practicing DO without a partner is easy as it doesn’t involve any stimulation.
  4. To be able to control your ejaculation, your PC muscles should be strong. Only then you will be able to achieve DO. To be able to achieve DO, you must learn what is your body’s PONR. Increase the time spent in each edging session and build up your stamina.
  5. Achieve DO and control your ejaculation. Make sure that you do not lose the erection after the DO. After your achieve DO, practice with your partner.
  6. After you have mastered the technique of achieving DO, practice to have a second orgasm without losing your erection. The second orgasm can be DO or wet orgasm. You have now achieved MMO.

When you are working to achieve MMO, you are sure to have wet accidents. But don’t let it stop you from practicing because the end result is worth all the accidents.