How Do You Get an Erection?

When something arouses you by touch, sight, memories, fantasies, or talks, you get an erection. It becomes large, hard and erect. But what occurs in the organ to make it so hard and erect? To understand why you get hard when you are sexually aroused, you must first become familiar with the anatomy of penis.

Anatomy Of Penis

The penis is divided into 3 chambers. Apart from these three chambers, the penis also has three more important parts. Given below is a brief description of how a penis is made.

  1. Corpora Cavernosa – This is actually a twin chamber of tissues that lie adjacent to each other at the top of the penis.
  2. Corpora Spongiosum – This chamber lies between the twin chambers at the underside of the penis.
  3. Urethra – This is a tiny tube located inside the Corpora Spongiosum. The purpose of urethra is to facilitate the passage of semen and urine.
  4. Glans – It is a bulbous structure at the tip of the penis and is the opening of urethra.
  5. Tunica Albugenia – Covering the above-mentioned parts, is the Tunica that is a elastic membrane. The function of the tunica is to restrict the expansion of the chambers and also prevent the blood from flowing out of the penis.

Now let us talk about how exactly does this happen?

The enlarging and hardening of penis is known as erection. The process is a little complex occurring because of changes within penile muscles, blood vessels and nerves. When you are aroused, a signal is sent to the para-ventricular nucleus in the brain which in turn, pass through special nerves in the spinal cord, the nerves in the penis chambers and the arteries supplying the penis with blood.

The smooth muscles of the penis now relax to let blood flow into the chambers. The muscle and artery relaxation enhances the flow of blood. This blood flow expands the corpora and the expansion, in turn, stretches the tunica to the maximum. The stretching of the membrane constricts the veins, stopping blood from flowing out of the penis.

The pelvic floor muscles contract leading to an erection and penis pressure is two times the blood pressure.

When you are about to climax, the brain changes its signals and the muscles of the arteries and Corpora Cavernosa contract. The pressure decreases and the blood flows from the penis. This causes the organ to return to its flaccid state.

When there is a problem with any part of the process, it leads to a condition called erectile dysfunction or the inability to sustain or get erection. Consult your doctor for on how to treat it. There are many treatments available and you can choose the one that is best for your.