Why Utilization of Email Clients is Better Than Webmail?

There might still be a few people who do not know the clear difference between webmail and email client software’s. These two services are obviously used to send and receive emails to another email account, but there is huge difference how these two works. The most significant difference is web mail service requires you to log in to your any email account to access its UI, and any email on the account is stored in the owner of that email service own online server until you don’t delete but. But there are certain limitations in web mail service for emailing in comparison with an email client. On the other hand, an email client email is stored on the user’s computer – as it’s a software application for PCs.


If you are individual home users than using webmail is fine as a sole user normally makes use of one or more than two email accounts for exchanging emails. But, if you work in a company where you have to do lots of emails that it’s better to use email clients because some best email clients provides you amazing features, which eventually makes your business email tasks easy to manage.

The feature which makes the email client usage handy in regard of emailing comprise of user can open and read any received recent email – even if there is no internet connectivity. The reason of this knack is that the history of the email is stored in an email client’s local location, from which it could load any already received email easily without internet. Also, other than this it allows you to login to multiple email accounts simultaneously, isn’t it amazing feature to have to be able to receive emails from more than one email account at  once.

Furthermore, users making use of email clients can also compose email even without the internet, with the software default feature. Obviously the user will be able to send this email only when having internet – but the ability to compose it offline is an amazing aspect of email clients to save users time even if there is no internet connectivity.


Thus, it’s best to make use email clients than web mail service. As we have compared some of the feature it’s easy to articulate that email clients are the best modern day tool for handling you’re emailing in a more organized manner – with lots of value added features provided.

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