Warid’s Phenomenal Growth: Clinches 50 Thousand plus LTE Subscribers

As Pakistan Government was finally able to successfully auction 3G/4G spectrum in the country last year, the growth in 3G & 4G subscription is also phenomenal – because of the positive response from millions of users. Furthermore, international telecom organizations have also acknowledged the Pakistan Govt’s strive in the auction of next-generation mobile data services. Recently, Pakistan Government is awarded with prestigious Mobile Broadband Award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2015. The event took place in the side lines of dynamic mobile show of this year called MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015, where Samsung launched Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

Warid’s Phenomenal Growth

The interesting development surfaced as Ministry of Information and Telecommunication in association with PTA (Pakistan telecom Authority) successfully auctioned four 3G 1800MHZ bands to Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone respectively. On the other hand, Zong was the only telecom operator of the country who participated in 4G LTE spectrum 2100MHZ band and successfully acquired it too. The interesting thing here was how come Warid telecom didn’t even bothered to take part in this auction whatsoever.

Warid’s LTE Growth:

But the reality reveled by sources later that Warid had his work cut out, because the operator holds enough spare 2G spectrum that operator can easily launch 4G LTE services in the country by making use of it appropriately. That’s how Warid without spending a single penny was able to transform its 2G network to 4G LTE in Pakistan. And now as per reports, because of the loyalty of its subscriber as considered the most affordable mobile network of Pakistan and also offering superior service quality has made it possible for Warid – to claim over 50 thousand LTE subscribers. Moreover, this milestone of persuading 50K plus merely two month of its 4G LTE services commercial launch is a phenomenal development. It merits mentioning here that Warid engaged world renowned telecom services and logistics provider Ericson for the establishment of 4G LTE infrastructure in the country for them.

This development would be heartbreaking for China Mobile Subsidiary Zong, who invested heavily to become the pioneer telecom operator of the country – to have both 3G and 4G LTE offering for its users. But, more pondering aspect of this Warid LTE outrage is that Zong is lagging behind immensely as far as the 4G LTE user base chunk is concern in Pakistan. According to the latest statistics Zong has only managed to allure less than 10K 4G LTE users in this span – with Warid’s 50K plus.

How Warid utilized its 2G spectrum for LTE:

Warid was able to launch LTE services on the existing 2G spectrum only because of Warid has minimal mobile subscriber within Pakistan – in comparison to all other Telco’s. The demo of this rational can be witness as per PTA statistics of mobile subscribers till 15th Jan, 2015, that shows Warid only have 12,398,586 subscribers in comparison with market leader Mobilink, who encompass 38,384,557 users. Significant fact to keep in mind here is that both operators embrace same size of 2G spectrums. This is the reason why Warid had substantial spare 2G spectrum to us it for launching LTE services in the country through it.

Ending Thoughts:

Since Warid has also launched its mobile broadband services in Pakistan through its Warid MiFi devices, the operator is bound to further establish its footprints as the most successful next generation data service provider in Pakistan as well. If this happened it would be an extraordinary fad, because in spite of considered petite telecom operator of the country Warid telecom has stunned the experts with its revenue and growth.

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