Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

You probably have high definition videos on your iPhone and want to edit them on it like a pro, right? There are many applications for video editing for the iPhone and you only need to choose the best or the most comfortable you feel to start the video editing process on the iPhone.

Video Editing Apps

Here we list the top 5 applications for video editing for the iPhone, which will allow you to create movies from your video clips, giving you the ability to do all kinds of great things with your videos on the iPhone.

  1. iMovie
  2. Reel Director
  3. Animoto Videos
  4. Vintage Video Maker
  5. Camera Plus Pro

Recommended Program:


FilmoraGo is the best application to edit videos on your iphone, which is completely free, with no watermarks or time limit. Fimora is also avaiulable for Windows and Mac but with a different name i.e. Filmora video Eiditing Software, you can get free Filmora key from here. FilmoraGo helps you make fun videos and relive your memories everywhere. And your wonderful videos can be easily shared with your friends on all social networks.


For those who have an iPhone 7 Plus or intend to buy an iPhone 8, iMovie is definitely the best application for video editing. This helps you transform the multiple videos (including HD videos) that you have recorded with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into beautiful home movies thanks to themes, titles, transitions, sound effects and more. In addition, you can also record new video clips using the application and then edit them more comfortably and effectively on the iPhone.

Animoto Videos

This video editing application for iPhone allows you to choose the most attractive photos on your iPhone, as well as your favorite music or songs to use as background music in creating photo presentations. Gilisoft’s video editor is similar version of Animoto, but it’s for PC, you can download its crack here. With great ease and speed, after a few mouse clicks, you can share your video presentation with music with your family and friends.

Vintage Video Maker

This cool application for video editing for the iPhone takes you back to the old days. With it, you can transform your videos into a variety of classic style movies, a great number of combinations are available to choose from: black and white, sepia, color, classic sepia, 1920s movies or home videos of the years 60, etc. You also have the option to accelerate or slow down the videos, also offers several sound options like Piano 1, Piano 2, Film Projector, etc. To add excitement to your movies.

Camera Plus Pro

This is an all-in-one application for video editing for the iPhone. It comes with a great user interface and gives you a great selection of capture modes, video recording, filters, etc. With the built-in video editor, you can also crop, rotate, add flash to your shots, change the brightness, saturation and contrast of your videos, etc. An easy-to-use slider lets you easily manipulate and adjust editing parameters. In addition to functions for editing videos, it also has distortion effects and photo filters.

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