The Force behind Smartphone Boom Worldwide

According to a fresh research made by a German base research institute, saying that the main influx of Smartphone’s in developing nations around the world – is the reason behind current Smartphone’s boom. As now various renowned Smartphone’s brand are making affordable at the same time potent Smartphone’s – keeping in view the developing countries market demands. Its demonstration can be taken in consideration by gazing at this year’s WMC (World Mobile Congress) held in Barcelona, where several renowned Smartphone’s brand unlived their flagship devices, like Samsung Galaxy S6 & HTC One M9.


At the same time, manufacturer’s also showcased mid-range Smartphone’s in view of the developing countries market needs take the example of the new reasonably priced and amazingly effective LG’s MAGNA, SPIRIT, LEON & JOY. This new LG Smartphone range is ideally suited for the developing countries seeing their awesome specs backed by manageable pricing.

Coming back to the point of high rate of Smartphone penetration in developing countries, the GFK research shows the statistics that in the last year, 2014 Smartphone’s embraced 23% increase in sale worldwide. Furthermore, overall Smartphone proportion reached 1.3 Billion in the world’s total exiting mobile phones in employ of the users.

On the other hand, figures also exposes that the demand of Smartphone’s hiked in regions involving Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Keep in mind these regions are the most densely populated parts of the world, where more than half of the world’s population lives. Surprisingly, if we to believe the report claimed that the Smartphone infiltration has fallen gradually in the countries like Japan and also in Western Europe and North American Regions too.

Consequently, this report clears the fact that developing countries have become the hotbeds for Smartphone’s manufacturers seeing the immense growth in sales. The penetration of Smartphone’s in these developing countries is going to further climb, since gigantic tech enterprises of the world is planning to make available ultra-cheap Smartphone’s for these markets. These intentions can become reality as Microsoft plans to offer a Smartphone in just $29; similarly Mozilla foundation is also on its way to present a $25 Smartphone very soon. This trend of manufacturing and compliance of low-cost Smartphone has taken shape ever since Google released Android One Smartphone last year for Indian market priced at $105 only.

The hefty rational behind this rising trend of providing low-cost Smartphone’s by renowned tech giant now such as Google & Microsoft – because of the emergence of new Chinese Smartphone brands. The world has witnessed dawn of many new Chinese origin Smartphone manufacturers off late comprising of Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Oppo. These Chinese Smartphone manufacturers have jolted the whole Smartphone market like a thunderstorm. For the reason that these companies are manufacturing amazingly power pack devices and offering those in such lower cost than renowned brands. This aptitude of Chinese brands is giving solid competition to established brands, such as Samsung and Apple at present.

Therefore, Chinese manufacturers have acquired substantial market share in many developing countries where they have offered their Smartphone’s. Because, the people in developing countries are mostly price conscious they tends to purchase a Smartphone that offers alluring specs in affordable price range.


As per the anticipation of the experts expecting that Smartphone share worldwide by 2020 will be three billion. Moreover, as the internet connectivity will be further expanding its outreach in the developing countries with 3G/4G is establishing its footprints – the rise in Smartphone’s need is certainly going to ramble more & more.

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