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Ufone Presents iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Officially in Pakistan

Not long ago finally Pakistani Apple products admirers were provided with flagship iPhone 6  and 6+ with their official launch in the Pakistan trough all local Telco’s. Ufone was the pioneer partner of Apple, who offered both flagship iPhones models for their subscribers locally – to get their hands-on for the first time in the country officially. And now Ufone once again has surfaced as a triumph by launching the most amazing gadgets from apple recognized worldwide as – iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 in Pakistan


These were imminent apple devices yet to be officially presented in Pakistan, since numerous native apple devices lovers were anxiously waiting for more products official launch in Pakistan other than just iPhone. These both Apple’s iPad’s are a perfect new age life partner, when every one of us now always tries to remain connected to net surfing, downloading, playing games, and stay perpetually entertained on-the-go. So, Apple iPad devotee can now acquire iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 from Ufone officially at present.

Perks of Acquiring iPad Air 2 & iPad from Ufone:

The most tempting aspect of this presentation is that Ufone is offering exclusive 5GB of 3G mobile internet that will be valid to use for 3 months for prepaid customers only – that too absolutely free of cost.

Furthermore, one year of apple’s official warranty will also be provided to users – who will purchase these iPad’s available on Ufone customer care centers all across the country.

Both iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in offered in all Apple’s launched colors Space Grey, Gold, and Silver.

iPad Air 2 Specs Overview:

iPad Air 2 is a stunning creation from Apple that is just 6.1mm ultra thin apple’s stylish tablet, which is designed for providing productivity with creativity. The display of this device is its high-point embraced with 9.7 inches vivid Retina Display, offering amazing crisp picture quality besides HD resolution, which makes any content viewing worthwhile. Furthermore, iPad Air 2 is equipped with several contemporary tech features involving Touch ID fingerprint sensor making digital payments and other scanning aptitudes effortless. Additionally, for lag free smooth performance, it is decked with Apple’s latest A8X chip amid 64-bit functioning. Other awesome features of iPad Air 2 comprise of express wireless connectivity and iCloud storage capability. On top of it, 10 hours of stretched battery backup made this device more viable choice.

Price for iPad Air 2 WiFi + Cellular Version by Ufone are as following:

  • iPad Air 2 – 16GB: Rs. 86,000
  • iPad Air 2 – 64GB: Rs. 97,000
  • iPad Air 2 – 128GB: Rs. 110,000

iPad Mini 3 Specs Overview:

iPad Mini 3 is also a power pack tab from Apple furnishing some majestic feature some of them are same as provided in iPad Air 2. The adorned feature of this awesome tech pad includes 7.9 inch awesome retina display, prevailing A7 chip with 64-bit support, FaceTime HD camera that provide 720p sharp picture quality, iOS 8 out of the box upgradeable to latest iOS 8.2, iCloud storage space, and last but not the least 10 hours of battery life.

Price for iPad Mini 3 WiFi + Cellular Version by Ufone are as following:

  • iPad Mini 3 – 16GB: Rs. 74,000
  • iPad Mini 3 – 64GB: Rs. 87,000
  • iPad Mini 3 – 128GB: Rs. 100,500

Android Lollipop 5.1 Rolling out; What’s New in it?

Google the giant technology incubator and developer of world’s most popular mobile operating system cited as Android is now ready to rollout latest Android Lollipop 5.0 upgrade to 5.1 officially. This is a major upgrade since it involves some major increments including several new features. Furthermore, it will certainly improve the overall performance currently running Google’s November, 2014 release Android Lollipop 5.0.

Android Lollipop 5.1

Major Features of Lollipop 5.1:

Here are the major features to look out for introduced in newly revealed Android Lollipop 5.1 at this instant.

Device Protection Aptitude:

It’s the most obligatory feature finally offered by Android OS developers in this newest Lollipop 5.1 is the device protection ability. This feature will works in a way that the phone OS will only work when Google ID information entered – if not the phone will be a useless gadget. Device protection will certainly help in the case users devices got stolen or lost, because the device will remain locked until the correct Google account information inserted. Moreover, the phone will not work even if the device would be reset to factory setting by anyone – who does not know the original users Google ID username and password. This way the device could not even sold in the market because the purchaser will instantly recognize that it’s a stolen device.

Multiple SIM Card Support:

Another major update to be come across in Lollipop 5.1 will be its multiple SIM card support option. This particular feature will permit Android Lollipop 5.1 users having devices with more than one SIM card to activate and made use of various features through multiple carrier SIM cards. Basically, now android OS will officially support multiple SIM cards inserted in the device running on the latest Lollipop 5.1 and take advantages of several SIM management features.

HD Voice Calling:

This new feature will provide the proficiency of enjoying crystal clear voice quality during voice calls made through devices adorned with Android Lollipop 5.1. Important thing to keep in mind regarding this specific feature that it will only be usable by US inhabitants, since it’s an operator dependent feature and currently only Telco’s operating in the states have the infrastructure for allowing this feature. Nevertheless, it’s expected that this proficiency will soon be adopted by telecom carriers worldwide and start providing support of HD voice calling feature usable amid at fresh Lollipop 5.1 operated devices users.

Wrapping Up:

As cited above some of the major feature to look out for in new Android Lollipop 5.1, some other tiny but significant improvements are also decked in this latest Google’s android rollout. Importantly, now users can tweak Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless knacks straight from the quick settings – by just scrolling down top notification bar without unlocking the phone.

Initially, Google has planned to release this momentous upgrade in its Nexus devices line-up of Smartphone’s available through US carriers starting from Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. Later, this fresh android OS upgrade will be made available for other Google Nexus devices and respectively in a month or two for other renowned Smartphone manufacturer’s (Samsung, LG, HTC) flagship devices upon their consent.

Boost Business Revenues by using SMS Marketing in Pakistan

SMS marketing is the modern way of promoting any business activities by sending a specifically written message regarding company’s offerings. These mobile numbers can be acquired from various sources keeping in view that these specific people might become your potential clients eventually. The message from the SMS marketing client is mainly carefully crafted relevant content amid at persuading recipient towards company’s products or services offering.

Brand Visibility

It’s the most convenient way of marketing any business remotely nowadays by acquiring bulk marketing SMS plans from various online service providers.

Branded SMS Marketing

Branded SMS marketing technique is getting popular vigorously in Pakistan at present, since the all Telcos in Pakistan are now providing ultra low-cost bulk SMS packages for commercial use. Branded SMS is basically a SMS sent by marketer using any carrier services to any mobile number with brand’s name as sender. This technique is also called masking; where the bulk SMS provider companies, like BizSMS provides a service to send Banded SMS in Pakistan, that permits this leverage to its client to send bulk marketing SMS with client’s own brand name.

There are lots of other influential features of branded bulk SMS campaigns in Pakistan, which will ensure that any corporate client’s messages sent to right people for boosting their sales. Alluring feature for Pakistani business owners to amplify the sale of their business or services by branded SMS marketing lies in the features like they can be sent to any mobile network’s number instantly from anywhere anytime in few simple clicks using PC or Laptop.

Furthermore, the user friendly SMS campaign management tools that are provided through back end software called API integration. Which basically application program interface that allow user to manage their bulk SMS marketing campaigns like handling payments, SMS scheduling use to mange future campaigns and some other relevant database management authorization.

So, these all perks can be acquired by any local Pakistani business owner amid at boosting its sales utilizing modern SMS Marketing tool.

Non-Branded SMS Marketing

Non-branded SMS is another marketing technique that can be used for spreading any specific message through high-volume messages. It’s also less expensive way of SMS marketing for the reason that it does not support masking means client/companies own brand name will not be visible as a sender of the messages. The bulk marketing SMS sent by non-branded method will send messages by a short code/number. Other than this masking aptitude other perks remains the same as provided through branded SMS technique as mentioned above involving delivery on all networks, API Integration and campaign management tools. These assistance tools lets client to manage its quota of bulk marketing SMS’s in a more fruitful way.

Avoid Unproductive SMS Marketing

Companies in Pakistan mostly waste their substantial marketing budget due to nonproductive use of SMS marketing. This happens when companies get bulk SMS marketing services from an armature service provider, who does not educate the client about the appropriate way to utilize their quota of banded or non-branded marketing SMS use. Furthermore, they charge hidden charges to clients and also not even instruct the SMS marketing company regarding to whom these messages should be sent and what & how exactly the message should be crafted and other relevant details. Therefore, it is important to first choose the credible SMS marketing service provider in Pakistan and then made use of this modern mobile marketing technique aptly.

Ending Thoughts

Undoubtedly, SMS marketing is the way ahead in Pakistan for all kind of business owner’s to market their products and services conveniently. Moreover, it’s the most affordable instant way of promoting your businesses no matter on what scale your business is and how much budget you have. Since there are lots of flexible bulk SMS marketing packages available now, you just need to choose the best suited one amongst all – to boost your business in Pakistan.

Warid’s Phenomenal Growth: Clinches 50 Thousand plus LTE Subscribers

As Pakistan Government was finally able to successfully auction 3G/4G spectrum in the country last year, the growth in 3G & 4G subscription is also phenomenal – because of the positive response from millions of users. Furthermore, international telecom organizations have also acknowledged the Pakistan Govt’s strive in the auction of next-generation mobile data services. Recently, Pakistan Government is awarded with prestigious Mobile Broadband Award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2015. The event took place in the side lines of dynamic mobile show of this year called MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015, where Samsung launched Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

Warid’s Phenomenal Growth

The interesting development surfaced as Ministry of Information and Telecommunication in association with PTA (Pakistan telecom Authority) successfully auctioned four 3G 1800MHZ bands to Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone respectively. On the other hand, Zong was the only telecom operator of the country who participated in 4G LTE spectrum 2100MHZ band and successfully acquired it too. The interesting thing here was how come Warid telecom didn’t even bothered to take part in this auction whatsoever.

Warid’s LTE Growth:

But the reality reveled by sources later that Warid had his work cut out, because the operator holds enough spare 2G spectrum that operator can easily launch 4G LTE services in the country by making use of it appropriately. That’s how Warid without spending a single penny was able to transform its 2G network to 4G LTE in Pakistan. And now as per reports, because of the loyalty of its subscriber as considered the most affordable mobile network of Pakistan and also offering superior service quality has made it possible for Warid – to claim over 50 thousand LTE subscribers. Moreover, this milestone of persuading 50K plus merely two month of its 4G LTE services commercial launch is a phenomenal development. It merits mentioning here that Warid engaged world renowned telecom services and logistics provider Ericson for the establishment of 4G LTE infrastructure in the country for them.

This development would be heartbreaking for China Mobile Subsidiary Zong, who invested heavily to become the pioneer telecom operator of the country – to have both 3G and 4G LTE offering for its users. But, more pondering aspect of this Warid LTE outrage is that Zong is lagging behind immensely as far as the 4G LTE user base chunk is concern in Pakistan. According to the latest statistics Zong has only managed to allure less than 10K 4G LTE users in this span – with Warid’s 50K plus.

How Warid utilized its 2G spectrum for LTE:

Warid was able to launch LTE services on the existing 2G spectrum only because of Warid has minimal mobile subscriber within Pakistan – in comparison to all other Telco’s. The demo of this rational can be witness as per PTA statistics of mobile subscribers till 15th Jan, 2015, that shows Warid only have 12,398,586 subscribers in comparison with market leader Mobilink, who encompass 38,384,557 users. Significant fact to keep in mind here is that both operators embrace same size of 2G spectrums. This is the reason why Warid had substantial spare 2G spectrum to us it for launching LTE services in the country through it.

Ending Thoughts:

Since Warid has also launched its mobile broadband services in Pakistan through its Warid MiFi devices, the operator is bound to further establish its footprints as the most successful next generation data service provider in Pakistan as well. If this happened it would be an extraordinary fad, because in spite of considered petite telecom operator of the country Warid telecom has stunned the experts with its revenue and growth.

The Force behind Smartphone Boom Worldwide

According to a fresh research made by a German base research institute, saying that the main influx of Smartphone’s in developing nations around the world – is the reason behind current Smartphone’s boom. As now various renowned Smartphone’s brand are making affordable at the same time potent Smartphone’s – keeping in view the developing countries market demands. Its demonstration can be taken in consideration by gazing at this year’s WMC (World Mobile Congress) held in Barcelona, where several renowned Smartphone’s brand unlived their flagship devices, like Samsung Galaxy S6 & HTC One M9.


At the same time, manufacturer’s also showcased mid-range Smartphone’s in view of the developing countries market needs take the example of the new reasonably priced and amazingly effective LG’s MAGNA, SPIRIT, LEON & JOY. This new LG Smartphone range is ideally suited for the developing countries seeing their awesome specs backed by manageable pricing.

Coming back to the point of high rate of Smartphone penetration in developing countries, the GFK research shows the statistics that in the last year, 2014 Smartphone’s embraced 23% increase in sale worldwide. Furthermore, overall Smartphone proportion reached 1.3 Billion in the world’s total exiting mobile phones in employ of the users.

On the other hand, figures also exposes that the demand of Smartphone’s hiked in regions involving Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Keep in mind these regions are the most densely populated parts of the world, where more than half of the world’s population lives. Surprisingly, if we to believe the report claimed that the Smartphone infiltration has fallen gradually in the countries like Japan and also in Western Europe and North American Regions too.

Consequently, this report clears the fact that developing countries have become the hotbeds for Smartphone’s manufacturers seeing the immense growth in sales. The penetration of Smartphone’s in these developing countries is going to further climb, since gigantic tech enterprises of the world is planning to make available ultra-cheap Smartphone’s for these markets. These intentions can become reality as Microsoft plans to offer a Smartphone in just $29; similarly Mozilla foundation is also on its way to present a $25 Smartphone very soon. This trend of manufacturing and compliance of low-cost Smartphone has taken shape ever since Google released Android One Smartphone last year for Indian market priced at $105 only.

The hefty rational behind this rising trend of providing low-cost Smartphone’s by renowned tech giant now such as Google & Microsoft – because of the emergence of new Chinese Smartphone brands. The world has witnessed dawn of many new Chinese origin Smartphone manufacturers off late comprising of Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Oppo. These Chinese Smartphone manufacturers have jolted the whole Smartphone market like a thunderstorm. For the reason that these companies are manufacturing amazingly power pack devices and offering those in such lower cost than renowned brands. This aptitude of Chinese brands is giving solid competition to established brands, such as Samsung and Apple at present.

Therefore, Chinese manufacturers have acquired substantial market share in many developing countries where they have offered their Smartphone’s. Because, the people in developing countries are mostly price conscious they tends to purchase a Smartphone that offers alluring specs in affordable price range.


As per the anticipation of the experts expecting that Smartphone share worldwide by 2020 will be three billion. Moreover, as the internet connectivity will be further expanding its outreach in the developing countries with 3G/4G is establishing its footprints – the rise in Smartphone’s need is certainly going to ramble more & more.

Current Marketing Strategies and Customers’ Response

Marketing is just like to fuel for any product, campaign, company, business, even sole proprietors also need some sort of advertisement and marketing strategies to promote their business among their targeted audience. Marketing should be planned properly and, companies must pay attention when planning any marketing campaign of any sort. Pakistani Companies are going viral and are crossing their limits to promote their products and to attract people to buy their stuff. Some companies have forgotten the cultural values, as people are complaining about their marketing strategies and ongoing marketing trends.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Trends:

In the current times of digital media, companies and businesses have dozens of options to reach their audience and to advertise their products in different ways. Following are the 2015 in demand marketing trends:

Newspaper Marketing

Television Marketing

SMS Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Efficient Newspaper Marketing is a crucial ingredient to your Business of any level, Newspaper Marketing helps you fetch juicy business from your targeted audience.

Following are the golden and primary rules to monitor your any of the Marketing Strategy. Whether you are planning TV adds, Newspaper Campaign, SMS Marketing or to go with a Social Media campaign, these rules are effective for a successful Marketing Strategy.

  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses is a key to successful marketing strategy
  • Identifying audience will help you to attend right people for your business without wastage of time and resources
  • Setting a timeframe for your campaign is crucial as your marketing plan may require some special occasions, events etc
  • Measuring your success and struggle will help to analyze where you are, what goals and achievements you have accomplished and what to do to recover from crisis

Wrong Approach by Business Organizations:

Marketing in Pakistan is a new trend which involves Online Marketing (Social Media platforms, Websites, Email Marketing etc), Mobile Marketing (Call Centers, SMS Marketing etc). Marketing by TV Adds and Newspaper Marketing are older yet favorable ways of promoting your product. These sort of marketing strategies return a lot of revenue. However in the race of giving more attractive and more exciting adds, some companies have crossed the cultural limits and have disturbed the norms of our culture.

Qmobile has emerged as a brand that offers Affordable Smartphone Mobiles with various functionalities. But Qmobile’s recent marketing strategy has been criticized by public and various analysts.

Qmobile Z7 TV Add:

Qmobile Z7 TVC was originally developed for Indian public, however the company released the TVC for Pakistani public which caused disturbance for many families as the TVC is against for the norms of various families of Pakistan.

To record their protest, Pakistani People visited the PEMRA’s website and registered their complaints against that TVC and language used. People marked the TVC as abusive and said that they can’t watch TVC with their family members.

People marked the Indian Stolen TVC for Qmobile Z7 as unacceptable and irritating add which is against the family norms and values.

Staggering Growth 6 Million Customer Access Facebook through Mobilink

These new staggering stats have been floated up by the Pakistan’s largest telecom operator Mobilink, claiming that 6 Million subscriber use social network Facebook through Mobilink. This shows that Mobilink has experienced momentous 90% growth in its Facebook user base, amplified vigorously ever since 3G services launched in Pakistan.

Mobilink Jazz

Furthermore, Mobilink has approached this significant position by introducing lucrative youth centric social media friendly packages in recent times. This strategy of presenting low-cost internet and social media packages was launched soon after the 3G services by Mobilink – anticipating the need of it acutely.

This approach of introducing ultra-cheap social media packages has paid back immensely to Telco and helped the company to persuade – this hefty number of subscribers to access Facebook via Mobilink.

Aamer Manzoor, who is the Head of Data at Mobilink has said in a recent statement, “With the largest customer base using Facebook through its services, Mobilink clearly understands the value of engaging with social media enthusiasts in a way that brings value to the relationship.

He further stated, expanding on our vision to include the social media, we look to offer innovative communications solutions to our subscriber base in the form of free offers, competitions and other youth centric schemes that make each day better for them. Our actions have created a more open and connected community online; a pioneering step in social media usage”.

Mobilink Lucrative Internet Packages:

The packages, which has put Mobilink at this position of holding 6 Million Facebook users solely in Pakistan includes Mobilink’s 3 Day Social Bundle and Daily Social Bundle with some others.

3 Day Social Bundle provides users prospect to access Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter not for one day neither for two day, but for three whole days continuously. As these packages are designed keeping in view the youth & students class of the country the price of this offer is kept as low as Rs. 10 + tax only. For activation Mobilink prepaid users can dial *114*17# for availing this package.

Second tempting package is purely crafted for social media addicts as the name says it all entitled “Daily Social Bundle”. This offer provides opportunity to its users meant for accessing Facebook & WhatsApp whole day from their mobiles in just Rs. 5. To activate this offer needed to dial *114*5#.


The above mentioned are ideally designed by Mobilink for all prepaid users especially social media savvy ones. These packages has surely aided countless users to fulfill their thirst of accessing social media networks and modern instant chat messengers in amazingly affordable rates.

This is the core reason why Mobilink has reached this milestone or engaging mammoth 6 Million subscribers accessing monster social media network Facebook through it here in Pakistan. With the expansion of 3G services in more cities of the country, it’s expected that Mobilink will be able to engage more & more new subscribers on their network. Ultimately, Mobilink will retain itself largest Telco operator of Pakistan in all telecom paradigms.

Punjab to adorn with Khadim-e-Punjab Metro WI-FI Network

Free Wifi in Punjab

According to a fresh report, Punjab will now get free Wi-Fi hot-spots soon amid at program named as “Khadim-e-Punjab Metro WI-FI Network”.  This scheme may resemble to Punjab Metro Bus project but only in entities, otherwise it’s entirely a different program (lighter side of it). This development was reported after a high-level meeting took place in Provincial capital Lahore, where Chief Minister Punjab gave green signal to this endeavor of establishing internet enable hot-spots in various parts of Punjab.

As per sources, in the first phase these free of charge public Wi-Fi proficiency will be establish at important locations of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan. Later, the footprints of this initiative will be spread over other major cities of Punjab, CM Punjab said while addressing the meeting. If we believe the whole report, claiming that the chosen locations where these free Wi-Fi hot spots will be establish initially of above mentioned cities includes “educational institutions, hospitals, railway stations, airports, metro bus routes and bus stands, among other places”.

This program of providing free internet on public places through-out Punjab has been launched with the intention of promoting education in the Province, with the help of modern technology.

Important thing to keep in mind that Govt of Punjab have taken some productive steps for promoting education using modern IT trends. One major strive is the ongoing program of digitalization of textbooks in Punjab by PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) is association with Punjab Textbooks Board.

According to an official statement, “Punjab government has digitalized all science and mathematics textbooks from Grade 6 to 10, while CDs of the books have also been produced”.

Furthermore, this program is the follow-up of a recently approved scheme in which Govt of Punjab have planned to provide tablets headed for mathematics and science subjects Govt school teachers. Additionally, students of class 6 to 10, who will acquire positions with highest marks in their respective boards – would also be awarded with tablets.


Not to mention that Govt of Punjab is striving hard to promote Information technology in the province, the pioneer step in this regard was the compliance of giving free laptops to bright students studying in Government Universities of Punjab. Later, this schemes framework was extended to whole country amid at awarding free laptop’s to brilliant students of educational institutes.

Therefore, with this new program of setting-up free Wi-Fi hotspots in various localities of Punjab, is undoubtedly a groundbreaking proposal. Khadim-e-Punjab Metro WI-FI Network program have the potential to bring Pakistan in the list of the countries around the world, where Governments have provided free internet connectivity on-the –go.

Although, desire of promoting education through making available free internet at significant public places does look bit gloomy, but Govt of Punjab might craft some sough of mechanism to gain aspiring results through this program.