iJoy Massage Chairs; Which one is the Best?

iJoy massage chairs have been designed to relax your body, muscles and head after a long busy routine of the day. This chair helps in de-stressing your entire body and is worth the investment. iJoy Chairs are available in different models, designs and shapes each made for a particular type of massaging experience. You can select multiple features. However, some important points should be considered before jumping into making a purchase. It is important so that you make your investment in the right product that can give you comfort and relaxation after a long tiring day.

iJoy Massage Chairs; Which one is the Best?
Massage is a technique that is touted to be a perfect alternative treatment for pain and aches. We don’t have enough time to go to a massage therapist and spend hours there. Massage chairs save your time and give a better massage with the same movements. iJoy chairs are equipped with the Human Touch system that makes it capable of replicating the real therapist movements. The fantastic massage chairs are produced with the exception that they would be utilized for a prolonged time. For this reason, they are a durable and cost-effective solution for your massage.

If you compare the yearly charges on a therapist and a onetime payment for a massage chair, then there’s a huge difference.

A massage chair would cost you a single amount today, but a massage therapist will charge you a fee for every visit that becomes costly. On average, you can get your massage chair with a smart feature within a range of $500-$2000. In 2013, a massage therapist would cost you $60 per hour, and an average massage visit is at least of 2 hours. This amount would be around $80, and you wouldn’t drain your bank account.

This concludes that a massage chair is an affordable solution that gives you a surreal experience of massage. iJoy is a brand that has influenced the market with its great products. The massage chairs produced by them comes with years of warranty and are built from a high quality leather material. Here are 3 of the best iJoy Massage Chairs that you can buy at an affordable price.

1) HT Massage Chair iJoy 2580

The HT Massage Chair iJoy 2580 is a smart feature massage chair with 3 invigorating auto massage programs. You can adjust them according to your requirements. A built-in control panel that is user-friendly lets you adjust its features easily. The power reclining system is also installed for additional comfort.

There is a softening pad that is detachable from the massage chair, and could be used separately as well. Finally, there is an Auxiliary power outlet and additional accessories.

2) iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

The iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair features a convenient FLEXGLIDE patent that serves you with orbital massage with an enhanced performance. There is a total of three automatic programs that lets you control the therapeutic feel, and lets you enjoy a lifelike massage wit force rolling that softens the stressful muscles.

The advanced focus system lets you target a particular area on your body. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect to fit in the room. The sleek and stylish design adds décor. You can adjust the position, orbit, glide and stretch of the chair.

3) HT Massage Chair iJoy 2310

HT Massage Chair iJoy 2310 comes in black and espresso color with a three automatic invigorating massage programs for added comfort. You can control four different massaging techniques. Its removable softening pads could be used sparely for resting. The chair has wheels underneath its body that gives you the ease of mobility.
It also features a controller storage area. You can order the HT Massage Chair iJoy 2310 from Amazon.

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