Current Marketing Strategies and Customers’ Response

Marketing is just like to fuel for any product, campaign, company, business, even sole proprietors also need some sort of advertisement and marketing strategies to promote their business among their targeted audience. Marketing should be planned properly and, companies must pay attention when planning any marketing campaign of any sort. Pakistani Companies are going viral and are crossing their limits to promote their products and to attract people to buy their stuff. Some companies have forgotten the cultural values, as people are complaining about their marketing strategies and ongoing marketing trends.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Trends:

In the current times of digital media, companies and businesses have dozens of options to reach their audience and to advertise their products in different ways. Following are the 2015 in demand marketing trends:

Newspaper Marketing

Television Marketing

SMS Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Efficient Newspaper Marketing is a crucial ingredient to your Business of any level, Newspaper Marketing helps you fetch juicy business from your targeted audience.

Following are the golden and primary rules to monitor your any of the Marketing Strategy. Whether you are planning TV adds, Newspaper Campaign, SMS Marketing or to go with a Social Media campaign, these rules are effective for a successful Marketing Strategy.

  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses is a key to successful marketing strategy
  • Identifying audience will help you to attend right people for your business without wastage of time and resources
  • Setting a timeframe for your campaign is crucial as your marketing plan may require some special occasions, events etc
  • Measuring your success and struggle will help to analyze where you are, what goals and achievements you have accomplished and what to do to recover from crisis

Wrong Approach by Business Organizations:

Marketing in Pakistan is a new trend which involves Online Marketing (Social Media platforms, Websites, Email Marketing etc), Mobile Marketing (Call Centers, SMS Marketing etc). Marketing by TV Adds and Newspaper Marketing are older yet favorable ways of promoting your product. These sort of marketing strategies return a lot of revenue. However in the race of giving more attractive and more exciting adds, some companies have crossed the cultural limits and have disturbed the norms of our culture.

Qmobile has emerged as a brand that offers Affordable Smartphone Mobiles with various functionalities. But Qmobile’s recent marketing strategy has been criticized by public and various analysts.

Qmobile Z7 TV Add:

Qmobile Z7 TVC was originally developed for Indian public, however the company released the TVC for Pakistani public which caused disturbance for many families as the TVC is against for the norms of various families of Pakistan.

To record their protest, Pakistani People visited the PEMRA’s website and registered their complaints against that TVC and language used. People marked the TVC as abusive and said that they can’t watch TVC with their family members.

People marked the Indian Stolen TVC for Qmobile Z7 as unacceptable and irritating add which is against the family norms and values.

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